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Serbia Milos Obilic Bravery Military Medal Gold Class 31mm Serbian Decoration 2nd Balkan Wars 1913 King Peter


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Serbia: Milos Obilic Officer's Medal for Bravery, Gold (bronze gilt) grade, 
Unmarked example by Huguenin Frères, Le Locle - Switzerland.
The medal was established in July 1913 by King Peter I, to be awarded 
to Serbs and to Allied military personnel for acts of bravery in the field 
during the 2nd Balkan War of 1913 against Bulgaria. 
The award had 2 Classes (Gold Medal and Silver Medal) and it remained 
in use during both the WW1 and WW2, being awarded as follows:
- In Gold: to officers for "valor tested in battle" and NCOs in exceptional 
cases "for fearless bravery in battle".
- In Silver: to NCOs and other ranks.
This is the quite rare "gold" (gilt) grade of the medal, diameter 33mm, 
which was awarded to officers during the 2nd Balkan War. The more 
common example of 36mm was awarded during the WW1 and onward. 
The medals were produced by Arthus Bertrand, Paris and Huguenin 
Frères, Le Locle - Switzerland. 
After 1918 they were also produced in Belgrade, Zagreb and Varaždin.
Milos Obilic (Miloš Obilić), is a Serbian National Hero, son-in-law of the 
medieval Serbian King Lazar. He killed the invading Ottoman Sultan 
Murad I in his tent on 15 June 1389 during the Battle of Kosovo.


Balkan Wars 1912 -1913

Item 100% original - ribbon original but in medium condition.

Condition as on the photo
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