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France Expedition China 1860 Military Medal 2nd Opium War 1856 French Empire Colonial Campaign Military Medal Emperor Napoleon III Barre


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FRANCE: Silver Military Commemorative medal for the Expedition to 
China during the 2nd Opium War, in 1860. With the head of Emperor 
Napoleon III on the obverse and the major battles of the conflict on 
the reverse.
Silver hallmarked on the reverse side of the suspender. 
Signed "BARRE" on the obverse and marked with the "Anchor" on
the reverse, the early mark of the medalist Albert Barre (1818-1878).
On vintage ribbon embroidered in blue with the Chinese characters 
for Peking (Beijing).
The medal was instituted in 1861 and it is extremely rare as only 8,000 
medals were awarded.
The 2nd Opium War (1856 - 1860) fought between the allied Forces of 
the British and the France Empire and China ruled by the Qing dynasty. 
In Aug. 1860,  11.000 British and 6.700 French troops, under General 
James Hope Grant and General Cousin-Montauban respectively, landed 
at Pei Tang. After they captured the Taku Forts, the force marched on 
Peking, took the city on 6 Oct. 1860, looted the Forbidden City and 
burned the Summer Palace. The war ended on 18 Oct. with the 
Convention of Peking. The Chinese had to pay 8 million taels to Britain 
and France. Britain acquired Kowloon (next to Hong Kong). 
The opium trade was legalized and Christians were granted full civil 
rights, including the right to own property. 


2nd Opium War 1856-1860

Item 100% original - vintage UV negative ribbon, most likely original

Condition as on the photos

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